Merger by incorporation and introduction of "Trafilix Industries" brand 

Lucefin’s new year started with an important change, sanctioned by a notarial deed of December 27th, 2021. 

The companies Trafilix S.p.A. based in Esine (BS), Tre Valli Acciai S.p.A  based in Berzo Inferiore (BS) and Trafitec S.r.l. based in San Colombano al Lambro (MI), have completed the merger by incorporation in Trafilix S.p.A, with effect from December 30th 2021: a new board of directors will be established and a new CEO appointed.

At the same time, the new brand"Trafilix Industries" has been introduced to represent an internal consolidation process that will continue over the next few years. 

The decision to keep the name TRAFILIX brings with it the will to preserve the origins of the Group and to celebrate the deep attachment to our history, maintaining a name that the steel sector has always recognized and associated with the production sector of Lucefin SpA and which has always proved to be synonymous with competence, quality and professionalism.

It was 1973 when Luigi Buzzi laid the first stone of the Group, founding Trafilix based in Esine, specialized in the cold-drawing of steel bars, the company that would become the beating heart of production over the years. 

The new brand Trafilix Industries becomes a perfect combination between our history and the need to rationalize internal processes and exchanges, to create production and logistical synergies, to optimize costs and simplify the Group's structure. 


As a result of the merger, Trafilix Industries presents itself on the market with a production capacity of over 170,000 tons, a covered area of ​​about 60,000 square meters divided between the 3 production units and the distribution center of Cividate Camuno (BS), a workforce of 277 people, an EBITDA greater than 5% and a turnover of 160 million euros. 

The new  brand Trafilix Industries is the result of the search for balance and harmony between geometric shapes, in different lines and thicknesses, with the aim of creating an immediate visual link with the steel product. 

Its lettering, deliberately linear, professional  and minimalist, characterizes the industrial sector to which it belongs, while the choice of blue and gray colors gives elegance and personality.

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