Trafilix Industries signs the Sustainability Pact Brescia 2050

The ecological revolution starts from Brescia with the event Futura Expo 2022, a project of the Camera di Commercio, Industry, Industria, Artigianato e Agricoltura and PROBRIXIA, held from 2 to 4 October, in which Sustainability was presented as a determining factor for the country and its businesses.

Futura Expo has been the benchmark for sustainable innovation not only with its own exhibition space, capable of gathering ideas and experiences, but also as a hub in which to outline a new vision of the future and of the whole where man, nature and economy coexist in harmony.

We have been observers of the event with a proactive and progress-oriented look.

FUTURA EXPO was also an opportunity to launch an ambitious and courageous challenge: the SUSTAINABILITY PACT BRESCIA 2050.

The Pact Brescia 2050 is a document of intent that foreshadows the socio-economic change of the Italian territories in the next twenty years, born from the need to support the vision of a company close to the problems of citizens, make its development model sustainable and communicate what the Brescia business world and the workers themselves are nowadays active actors in the ecological transition.

By signing the Pact, entrepreneurs, institutions and citizens of Brescia undertake to:

  • quantify their emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants;
  • define appropriate interventions and long-term strategies for the decarbonisation and zeroing of emissions, waste and consumption of natural resources;
  • implement the interventions and measures of the previous point, bringing tangible changes and innovations to company activities, such as efficiency improvements, adoption of renewable energy sources, sustainable logistics and mobility, reduction of waste, waste and resource consumption , and any useful action for the elimination of CO2 emissions and pollutants;
  • neutralize any residual emissions by 2050 through additional, quantifiable, credible, permanent and socially responsible offsets.
Together, through commitment, vision and investments we can win the challenge of sustainability.
Today also TRAFILIX INDUSTRIES signs its moral commitment!

"Change too, do it for a more sustainable Brescia."

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