The internal staff training continues


Improving the skills of human resources has always been a primary objective for Lucefin, which continues to invest and propose projects and training activities to employees.

The importance of internal professional growth has been given ample space in the recent Group Sustainability Report, where training and growth are considered the prelude to enhancing those professional profiles that can generate the company assets necessary to guarantee continuity of role and function.

For Lucefin, learning is a driving force for the construction of planned training courses, which aim to make every worker participate in educational experiences throughout their company life cycle. The goal is to obtain a stimulating and motivating work environment in which technical knowledge, the culture of safety, health and prevention play a primary role and where everyone feels committed to giving the right support and contribution to the achievement of company objectives.

With this in mind, the new internal training course "Steels and their cold transformation" was launched, dedicated to the staff of the Trafilix Industries production department and aimed at expanding their technical expertise. An event that met with excellent participation and interest in the proposed topics: a deeper knowledge of the Group's cold-worked steels.




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